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Friday, May 20, 2011

The story begins

Date: 5/20/2011

This photo of an Indian sage with a duffel bag waiting for a bus was taken in Jangpura, New Delhi in Summer 2010. I was taking a relaxing break before beginning med school.
I'll keep things brief here. I am an Indian medical student at UVA and just won a research grant to go and study malnutrition's impact on cognition at Christian Medical College, Vellore, India. This means much more than a free trip home for me. It's my first real step in the world of global health policy after an academic career devoted to basic science research. Considering, I hope to have an impact on the health care policy of underdeveloped regions of India and other developing countries, this is a very big step for me.

I'm really excited and hope to document the experience comprehensively out here. Sometimes, I might post things before I have fully processed stuff in my head. Please excuse me.

Om Ganeshaye Namah.

Vande Matram!

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  1. Never start with disclaimers...why apologize before anything has gone wrong? =)

    Good luck this summer.